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baking with love

over 2 decades

My Story

My love affair with baking originated in Caracas, Venezuela, where I was born and raised. Beginning in my early teens, I enjoyed creative hobbies, including designing and constructing piñatas and wind chimes.

Betsy Urbina


At age 16, my fondness for the art of baking was sparked. I watched my Aunt Aida with fascination as she effortlessly worked her magic to make delicious cakes and traditional Venezuelan pastries. As a result, I dreamed of stirring up baking magic of my own.


The opportunity to test and display my baking skills occurred in 1987 with my oldest son’s first birthday party. That success confirmed that I could create flavorful and beautiful cakes for others. Mela’s Bakery has progressed from a part time, home-based business and has culminated with the opening of my shop in Winder. It is my passion and pleasure to offer clients delectable cakes, pastries and traditional Venezuelan breakfasts and sweets.

Perfect balance of taste and texture.