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Tired of getting cakes ?

Tired of getting Dense cakes check this out:
Maybe your baking powder of baking soda are old and no longer working.
Also measure your flour accurately Too much flour in a cake will also cause the cake to be dense. Flour is loaded with heavy gluten that can weigh a cake use cake flour which has less gluten than all purpose flour.

Preheat your oven for at least 20 minutes before putting your cake in. When the oven is at the right temperature, your cake will rise beautifully

baking soda and baking powder need heat to work!. A cold oven will definitely make a dense cake.


Why is cake raw inside?

Why is the cake raw inside?
The most common errors because a cake is raw inside are usually the following:

Oven Temperature
Although very few people consider it important, the degrees or the temperature in which we bake the cake are totally fundamental, so much so that this can be one of the main causes of your cake being raw inside.

That is why most recipes for cakes or any other dessert tell us the temperature at which we should bake them, which is usually 170-180°C.

Of course, reaching the ideal temperature will depend on each oven, on its size (large or small) or whether it heats from above, below or from both sides.


Covering the surface with aluminum foil can help since it will act as a kind of protective layer that will prevent the surface from burning and, on the contrary, the cake continues to cook from the inside.

All this of course after lowering the temperature of the oven a little and constantly monitoring the cooking.

Mold Size
Another of the reasons or errors for which the cake is burned on the outside and raw on the inside is due to the wrong choice of the mold or cake pan for baking.

The size should always be relative to the amount of ingredients that we use, usually molds of approximately 25 cm in diameter are used.

Position Inside The Furnace
In addition to taking care of the oven temperature and selecting the appropriate size of the mold to prevent the cake from being raw inside, it is necessary to take care of its position inside the oven.

The ideal position to place the mold inside the oven is exactly in the middle, especially if your oven is one of those that also heats from the top, with this you will ensure that your cake receives the heat from the oven proportionally.