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The art of bakery

we don´t make cakes, we do art- since 1998



Winder´s Bakery

Mela’s Bakery is located in winder, to offer you its exquisite handmade cakes made with a traditional family recipe, which makes them unique. You can also enjoy the variety of Venezuelan breakfasts such as traditional empanadas, ham patties, tequeños among others…
In our store you will get varieties of sweets such as the delicious fruit tartlet, the mille-feuille, the quesillo, cupcakes and much more. You can accompany it with the coffee of your choice, cold or hot, such as cappuccino, caramel macchiato, among other flavors.

Not just another bakery

Passion & Expertise

They are more than two decades dedicated to the elaboration of handmade cakes with love and artistic style

100% natural ingredients

We use the freshest and most natural ingredients on the market to give our products this soft and original touch.

customer satisfaction

Our greatest satisfaction is receiving from our clientele the gratitude and a big smile for the product consumed.expressing it in their reviews

Family Tradition

Our recipe comes from a long family tradition which has been transferred in two generations, without compromising its quality and precision in its preparation.

hand-baked fresh daily

Dough fresh Cake

We strive to give the customer the best of our art, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients on the market, so when they send their order they receive their cake in a short time with guaranteed satisfaction!

Sandwiches & Beverage

preparation of sandwiches and hot and cold drinks

Prepared and fresh from Tuesday to Saturday

The cold or hot drinks are prepared at the moment and to the client’s taste, they can be light (sweeteners) or drinks sweetened with white sugar and our additional ingredients such as coffee beans are ground instantly and the fruit is squeezed at the moment before serving, all this as usual with a lot of love and care, we also offer canned sodas and Venezuelan sweets such as cocosette, Susy, Savoy chocolates and more…


Cakes & Desserts

Visit our gallery to see our work and have a better option for your order we are waiting for you!

Sandwiches & Drinks

Visit our gallery and choose one of our crispy sandwiches or croissant with a refreshing drink

The Mela´s Tips

We have our section of help tips for our clients in order to solve doubts in confectionery